GiLICIOUS™ is a venture by the Glycemic Index Foundation to launch a range of healthy foods that will fund diabetes prevention and education programs in Australia. GiLICIOUS™ is a trade mark of the Glycemic Index Foundation and endorsed by Diabetes Qualified. Find out more about the health benefits of low GI foods at

Carbs should be welcome at every Australian table, but not all carbs are created equal. GiLICIOUS™ potatoes are grown through natural cross seeding and have 25% less carbs* and are lower GI† than your average potatoes. They are great for anyone who is keeping an eye on their blood glucose levels or anyone who just wants to lower the GI in their diet to improve their health and wellbeing. GiLICIOUS™ potatoes are best enjoyed mashed, baked or boiled.

Try them in our GiLICIOUS™ Mashed Potatoes with Herbs

Available in 1.5kg bags, you can find them in select Woolworths stores across NSW.



Servings per package: 6
Serving size: 250g

Per Serve Per 100g
Energy 475.0 kJ (114 cal) 190 kJ (45 cal)
Protein 6.3 g 2.5 g
Dietary Fibre, total 4.8 g 1.9 g
Fat, total <1 g <1 g
– saturated <1 g <1 g
Carbohydrate 25.8 g 10.3 g
– sugars 3.3 g 1.3 g
Sodium 32.5 mg 13 mg
GI = 61 (Mid)
†25% lower than the average GI value of 84 for common all-purpose potatoes
*25% less carbs than an average of a group of commonly available potato varieties. To substantiate the 25% less carbohydrate content of the GiLICIOUS™ branded potato variety compared to a group of commonly available potato varieties, the analysis of carbohydrate from representative potato varieties was undertaken by laboratories accredited by National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). This ensured that the composition of each potato analysed is accurate and valid to calculate the average available carbohydrate content to make the comparative claim. This data source is compatible with Standard 1.2.8 and is calculated using the Code definition of available carbohydrate.
Varieties Tested:
·      Kestrel ·      Sebago
·      White Star ·      Ruby Lou
·      Royal Blue ·      Mozart
·      Crop 13 ·      Sifra
·      Desiree

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