Bellitá potatoes are bred and grown on our family-owned farms in the Riverland, Adelaide Plains and the Mallee using environmentally sound farming methodws.

The carbohydrate levels in potatoes vary greatly and purely by chance, Bellitá are 25% lower in carbs*. There’s no science involved – just good soil and great growing conditions.

Together with their terrific taste and texture, Bellitá are packed with complex carbohydrates to provide the daily energy boost your body needs, while being better for you. Bellitá potatoes have a soft, no peel flesh that locks in their goodness and melts in the mouth.

With virtually no fat, they are a naturally healthy choice.

Bellitá are available year round at all good independent supermarkets
and greengrocers in 2kg bags and 15kg cartons.

Farm fresh Bellitá are a potato taste sensation!